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We sell used, refurbished and reconditioned machines.

We sell refurbished or reconditioned machines that we get from our distributor. These can be any make, model and have any features you may want, but at a reduced price, because they are not brand new. The machines may come with a 90 day warranty. Take a look at the video below which describes how we get these refurbished machines, and the advantages they provide. We usually have used computers on hand in our shop, that we get from our customers who have decided their machine is too old, and do not want to spend the money to fix it. Together we decide if the money is better spent towards a new or refurbished machine. We then repair these machines and sell them to our customers who are looking for an affordable alternative.

We will buy your old computer if it meets certain requirements.

Please provide us with as much detail as possible. We will get back to you as soon as possible, to make you an offer on your old computer. Industry standards will be used to protect your information on the hard drive, though it is recommended to remove your personal data. We can help you to remove this data for a nominal fee. Your computer must be operational for us to consider buying it. In some cases we may buy a non functional machine, at the sole discretion of tecHHoma LLC.

Refurbished Machines